A powder which consists of the minute glands and hairs obtained from the surface of the fruits of Mallotus philippinensis (Rottlera tinctoria). India.

Characters. - A fine granular mobile powder, of a brick-red colour; it is with difficulty mixed with water.

Composition. - A resin soluble in alcohol and ether, yielding a crystalline substance, rottlerin.

Impurities. - Sand and earthy matters.

Test. - When boiled with alcohol the greater part is dissolved, forming a red solution. Ether dissolves most of it; the residue consisting principally of tufted hairs.

Dose. - 30 grains to 1/4 ounce.

Action and Uses. - It is used as an anthelmintic against tapeworm. It is very efficacious, killing the worm and producing free purgation. It is best given with honey or thick gruel.