Characters. - A heavy liquid, usually of a yellowish-red colour.

Reactions. - A little of it dropped into water gives a white precipitate, and the filtered solution lets fall a copious deposit on the addition of nitrate of silver. If the white precipitate formed by water be treated with sulphuretted hydrogen it becomes orange-coloured. The specific gravity of the solution is 1.47. One fluid drachm of it mixed with a solution of a quarter of an ounce of tartaric acid in four fluid ounces of water, forms a clear solution, which, if treated with sulphuretted hydrogen, gives an orange precipitate, weighing, when washed and dried at 212° F., at least 22 grains.

Preparation. - By boiling black antimony with hydrochloric acid, Sb2S3 + 6HCl = 2SbCl3 + 3H2S.

Preparation in which Solution of Chloride of Antimony is used. Antimonii Oxidum. Uses. - Is a powerful caustic - sometimes applied to cancers and to poisoned wounds.