A concrete oil obtained by expression and heat from the ground seeds of Theobroma Cacao.

Composition. - Consists chiefly of stearin and olein.

Characters. - Of the consistency of tallow; colour yellowish-white; odour like chocolate; taste bland and agreeable; reaction neutral. Does not become rancid from exposure to the air. Melts at 30°-35° C. (86°-95° F.).

Adulterations. - Paraffin, wax, tallow, stearin, etc.

Tests. - If 2 parts of it be dissolved in 4 parts of ether in a test-tube, by immersing the tube in water at 17° C. (63° F.), and if this be afterwards plunged into water at 0° C. (32° F.), the mixture should not become turbid, nor separate a granular deposit in less than 3 minutes; and if the mixture, after congealing, be exposed to a temperature of 15° C. (59° F.), it should gradually become entirely clear. (Absence of impurities mentioned above.)



Suppositoria Acidi Tannici. Hydrargyri. „ Iodoformi.

,, Morphinae.

,, Plumbi Composita.


For suppositories of various kinds, each weighing 15 gr. or 1 gm.

Uses. - As a basis for suppositories. Also as a non-irritant application to the skin.

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