The fixed oil expressed from the ripe fruit of Olea europcea. South of Europe.

Characters. - Pale-yellow, with scarcely any odour, and a bland, oleaginous taste; congeals partially at about 36° F. Specific gravity about 0.916 at 63° F.

Composition. - Olein, the liquid principle of the oil, and the quantity of which determines its excellence. It also contains palmitin and other fatty compounds.

Adulteration. - Other, and usually heavier, oils fraudulently added. Tests. - Specific gravity. Olive oil when treated with sulphuric acid evolves a small amount of heat compared with other similar oils.

Dose. - Of olive oil, 1 fl. dr. to 1 fl. oz. or more, as a demulcent or laxative.



Charta Epispastica.

Linimentum Ammoniae (p. 516).

Emplastrum Ammoniaci cum Hydrargyro.

„ Calcis (p. 516).

„ Hydrargyri.

„ Carnphorae (p. 516).

„ Picis.

Unguentum Cantharidis.

,, Plumbi.

„ Hydrargyri Compositum.

„ Saponis Fuscum.

„ Hydrargyri Nitratis.

Enema Magnesii Sulphatis.



Emplastrum Plumbi.

Emplastrum Ferri.


„ Galbani.

„ Ammoniaci cum Hydrargyro.

„ Hydrargyri.

„ Arnicae.



„ Saponis.

„ Belladonnae.

Unguentum Diachylon.

„ Capsici.