A volatile oil distilled from the fresh tops of Juniperus Sabina

Characters. - Colourless or yellowish, becoming darker and thicker by age and exposure to air, peculiar odour, pungent, bitterish, and camphoraceous taste.

Dose. - 1 to 4 minims.

Action and Uses.- Savine owes its properties to its oil.

Externally it is used as an irritant to keep open issues or blisters.

Internally it produces symptoms of violent gastro-intestinal irritation, with either stoppage of the urine or haematuria and difficulty in micturition. In women it causes congestion of the pelvic organs, and has been used criminally to procure abortion; in these cases gastro-enteritis and death have occurred. Small doses may be used as an emmenagogue when menstruation is deficient and the patient is not pregnant.