A resinous exudation from the stem of the spruce fir, Pinus picea (Pinus Abies or Abies excelsa). Melted and strained. Switzerland.

Characters. - Hard and brittle, yet gradually taking the form of the vessel in which it is kept; opaque, varying in colour, but generally dull reddish-brown; of a peculiar odour and aromatic taste, without bitterness. Readily soluble in glacial acetic acid.

Composition. - An amorphous resin, mixed with oil of turpentine and other oils isomeric with it, and abietic acid.



Emplastrum Ferri. „ Picis.


Emplastrum Picis Burgundicae.

„ „ cum Cantharide.

Use. - It is used as a stimulant in chronic rheumatism and bronchitis, in the form of plasters.