Characters. - In white crystalline masses, slightly efflorescent, having an acetous odour, and a sweet, astringent taste.

Solubility and Reactions. - Its solution in water slightly reddens litmus, and gives the reactions of lead (p. 698) and of an acetate (p. 594).

Preparation. - By dissolving oxide of lead in acetic acid. Impurity. - Slight amount of carbonate. Test. - Its solution in distilled water is clear, or has only a slight milki-ness, which disappears on the addition of acetic acid.

Dose. - 1 to 4 grains.

Preparations in which Acetate of Lead is Used.



Glycerinum Plumbi Subacetatis.

Liquor ,, ,,

.......5 ounces to 1 pint.

Liquor Plumbi Subacetatis.

Pilula Plumbi cum Opio (v. p. 522), 3 parts in 4. Suppositoria Plumbi Composita...l part in 5. Unguentum Plumbi Acetatis.........1 part in 38.

Uses. - The acetate is the preparation of lead most frequently used as a local application in inflammations, ulcers, ophthalmia, and gonorrhoea, or for its general actions on the system.