. Soap made with olive oil and soda.

Characters. - Greyish-white, dry, inodorous; horny and pulverisable when kept in dry, warm air; easily moulded when heated; soluble in rectified spirit; not imparting an oily stain to paper. Incinerated it yields an ash which does not deliquesce.

Dose. - As an antacid, etc, 5-20 gr.



Linimentum Saponis (p. 516).

Pilula Cambogiae Composita.

Pilula Aloes Barbadensis (p. 522).

„ Rhei Composita.

„ „ et Asafoetidae.

„ Saponis Composita (p. 523).

,, „ Socotrinae.

Scillae Composita.


Emplastrum Saponis.

Pilulae Aloes et Asafoetidae.

Linimentum „ (p. 517).

,, Asafoetidae.

„ Chloroformi.

„ Opii.

Pilulae Aloes (p. 523).

„ Rhei.