Carbolate of Sodium. NaC6H5SO4.2H2O.

Characters. - Colourless, transparent, rhombic prisms, inodorous, or nearly so, with a cooling, saline, and somewhat bitter taste.

Solubility. - Readily soluble in water, less so in spirit.

Reactions. - On ignition it gives off vapours of carbolic acid, and the residue dissolved in water gives a precipitate with chloride of barium (sulphate). It gives a yellow colour to flame. The watery solution is neutral to test-paper, and gives a violet colour with perchloride of iron. It is not at once rendered turbid by chloride of barium.

Dose. - 10-15 grains.

Action. - Antiseptic and mildly astringent.

Uses. - It arrests fermentation in the stomach, and when given before meals is useful in flatulence and acidity occurring in phthisical patients. It may be combined with bitters. It is used in septic conditions.