Spirit distilled from French wine. It has a peculiar flavour, and a light sherry colour derived from the cask in which it has been kept, B.P. An alcoholic liquid obtained by the distillation of fermented grapes and at least four years old, U.S.P. It should contain from 39 to 47 per cent. by weight (46 to 55 per cent. by volume) of alcohol.




Mistura Spiritus Vini Gallici...................................

1-2 fl. oz.

B.P. Mistura Spiritus Vini Gallici. Mixture of Spirit of French Wine. Egg Flip (vide also Eggs). Beat up the yolks of two eggs, and sugar 1/2 oz., then add brandy and cinnamon-water, of each 4 fl. oz.

B.P. Vinum Xericum. Sherry. A Spanish wine.

Characters. - Pale yellowish-brown, containing about 17 per cent. of alcohol.

Uses. - As a stimulant, and in preparing all the wines of the B.P. except Vinum Ferri Citratis, Vinum Aurantii, and Vinum Quininae.

U.S.P. Vinum Album. White Wine.

Characters. - A pale, amber-coloured or straw-coloured alcoholic liquid, made by fermenting the unmodified juice of the grape freed from seeds, stems, and skins. White wine should have a full, fruity, agreeable taste without excessive sweetness or acidity'; and it should have a pleasant odour free from yeasti-ness. Its sp. gr. at 15.6° C. (60° F.) should not be less than 0.990 nor more than 1.010.

Impurity. - Tannic acid.

Tests. - If 10 cc. of white wine be diluted with an equal volume of distilled water, and treated with 5 drops of test-solution of ferric chloride, only a faint greenish-brown colour should make its appearance (absence of tannic acid). Upon evaporation and twelve hours of drying on the water-bath, it should leave a residue of not less than 1.5 per cent. nor more than 3.0 per cent. Using litmus-paper as an indicator 250 cc. of white wine should require for complete neutralisation not less than 15 nor more than 26 cc. of the volumetric solution of soda.