Characters. - Steel-grey masses of a metallic lustre, and a striated crystalline fracture without taste or smell.

U.S.P. Preparation. Antimonium Sulphidum Purificatum.

This is the ore from which the other compounds are prepared.

Antimonium Nigrum Purificatum, B.P.; Antimonii Sulphidum Purificatum, U.S.P. Black Antimony, B.P.; Purified Sulphide of Antimony, U.S.P. Sb2S3; 340.

Characters. - A greyish-black crystalline powder, without smell or taste.

Solubility. - It is. insoluble in water or alcohol.

Reactions. - It dissolves almost entirely in boiling hydrochloric acid, evolving sulphuretted hydrogen, and the solution affords a white precipitate when poured into water.

Preparation. - The crude sulphide, purified by fusion, is obtained in very fine powder by elutriation, then digested with ammonia to remove arsenic, washed and dried.

Impurities. - Other sulphides and arsenic.

Tests. - If one grain be dissolved in hydrochloric acid, and the solution, slightly diluted, be gently warmed with a piece of bright copper foil, the copper being washed, dried, and heated in a dry narrow test-tube, no crystalline sublimate (of arsenious anhydride) should form on the upper cool part of the tube.



Antimonium Sulphuratum.

Liquor Antimonii Chloridi.


Antimonium Sulphuratum.