Mercury (33), powdered liquorice (5), althaea (25), glycerin (3), honey of rose (34). 3 grs. contain 1 of mercury.

Uses. - Blue pill may be given either for its local action upon the intestines or to produce the action of mercury upon the system. This pill is one of the most effectual remedies for the condition usually termed biliousness. The patient complains of feeling dull, heavy, and often sleepy, suffers from occasional headache, has little appetite, and occasionally feels sick. The complexion is often of a dirty-yellow, muddy colour, and the white of the eyes likewise. The use of blue pill in such conditions was recommended by Mr. Abernethy. Five grains of blue pill are given overnight and a draught of salts and senna in the morning. This is very effective, but the disadvantage of it is said to be that the bilious state is more apt to return, and that when a patient has once become habituated to the use of mercurials no other medicine will do instead.

It is one of the best preparations for producing mercurialism : 5 grains with 1/2 grain of opium are given in the morning, and 5 or 10 also with 1/2 grain of opium in the evening.

The addition of a small quantity of blue pill to digitalis and squill sometimes increases their efficacy in cases of cardiac disease.