A volatile oil extracted by mechanical means from the rind of the fresh fruit of Citrus Bergamia, var. vulgaris.

Characters. - A greenish or greenish-yellow, thin liquid, of a peculiar, very fragrant, odour, an aromatic, bitter taste and a slightly acid reaction. Sp. gr. 0.860 to 0.890. It is soluble in all proportions in alcohol and in glacial acetic acid.

Use. - In flavouring.


Spiritus Odoratus. Perfumed Spirit (Cologne Water). - Oil of bergamot, 16; oil of lemon, 8; oil of rosemary, 8; oil of lavender flowers, 4; oil of orange flowers, 4; acetic ether, 2; water, 158; alcohol, 800.

Uses. - For perfuming lotions. When bathed on the temples or forehead and evaporated quickly by fanning the face, it is useful in headaches or tendency to faintness. Eau de Cologne is not unfrequently taken as a stimulant by ladies, who have no idea that it contains alcohol.