Rhubarb, 25; magnesia, 65; ginger, 10 parts.

U.S.P. Syrupus Rhei. Syrup of Rhubarb. - Rhubarb, 90; cinnamon, 18; carbonate of potassium, 6; sugar, 600; water q.s. to make 1,000.

U.S.P. Syrupus Rhei Aromaticus. Aromatic Syrup of Rhubarb. - Aromatic tincture of rhubarb, 10; syrup, 90 parts.

U.S.P. Tinctura Rhei. Tincture of Rhubarb. - Rhubarb, 12; cardamom, 2; diluted alcohol up to 100 parts.

U.S.P. Tinctura Rhei Aromatica. Aromatic Tincture of Rhubarb. - Rhubarb, 20; cinnamon, 4; cloves, 4; nutmeg, 2; diluted alcohol up to 100.

U.S.P. Tinctura Rhei Dulcis. Sweet Tincture of Rhubarb. - Rhubarb, 8; glycyrrhiza, 4; anise, 4; cardamom, 4; diluted alcohol up to 100.

U.S.P. Vinum Rhei. Wine of Rhubarb. - Rhubarb, 10; calamus, 1; stronger white wine up to 100.

Action and Uses. - Rhubarb when chewed increases the flow of saliva. Small doses have a tonic and astringent action and are employed in atonic dyspepsia, especially when there is an accumulation of mucus in the intestinal tube. Large doses are purgative in their action, increasing peristalsis. This is followed by an astringent effect. It is especially useful in cases of diarrhoea associated with worms, or when there is some irritating body in the intestines : the cause of irritation is removed, and then the after-astringent action checks the diarrhoea.