Contains 1 lb. each of mercury and prepared lard. As this would be too soft, 1 oz. of prepared suet is added.


Linimentum Hydrargyri (p. 516). Suppositoria Hydrargyri. Unguentum Hydrargyri Compositum. Uses. - It may be used either for its general or its local action. When employed to produce the general action of mercury in the system, it is rubbed into some part of the body where the skin is thin, as the armpits or the sides of the thighs. If it is rubbed in by another person, and not by the patient himself, it is advisable to protect the operator's hand by a piece of bladder soaked in oil, in order to prevent absorption through the palm. In cases of congenital syphilis, a piece of mercurial ointment, the size of the thumb-nail (half a drachm to one drachm), may be put upon a flannel roller, and bound round the child's belly.

It has been applied locally in inflammation of the skin, as erysipelas; of the veins in phlegmasia dolens; or of the genital organs, as in ovaritis, orchitis, and indurated testicles.