Charactebs. - Thin, translucent and colourless crystalline plates, of a pearly lustre, with a sharp unpleasant taste.

Solubility. - Soluble in water.

Reactions. - The solution gives the reactions of zinc, and evolves acetic acid when decomposed by sulphuric acid.

Dose. - 1 to 2 grains as a tonic; 10 to 20 grains as an emetic.

Uses. - It is used for much the same purposes, and in the same doses, as the sulphate. An unchemical but useful injection for gonorrhoea, gleet, and leucorrhoea, consists of six grains of sulphate of zinc, with four ounces of the dilute solution of sub-acetate of lead. In this mixture the sulphate of lead which is precipitated has probably a beneficial action in keeping apart the surfaces of the mucous canal into which it is injected (p. 446).