88. Acetate of Ethyl.

Characters. - A transparent and colourless liquid, of a strong fragrant ethereal and somewhat acetous odour, a refreshing taste and a neutral reaction.

Preparation. - By distilling rectified spirit with acetate of sodium and sulphuric acid, NaC2H302 + H2S04 + C2H60 = C2H5C2H302 + NaHS04 + H20. The acetic ether and water distil over together, and they are separated by means of calcium chloride.

Dose. - 20 to 60 min.

Uses. - It has an action much like ether, but is inconvenient as an anaesthetic. It has a pleasanter taste than ether, and is used as a stimulant, carminative, and antispasmodic. It may be given along with the acetates of iron and potassium in albuminuria.


b.p. Liquor Epispasticus.