I. Water (Aqua)

A weak aqueous solution of one or more volatile substances (e. g., peppermint or cinnamon water, chlorine water).

2. Solution (Liquor)

An aqueous solution of one or more non-volatile chemic substances (Fowler's solution).

3. Mixture (Mistura)

An aqueous liquid containing insoluble material (rhubarb and soda mixture). It requires the label, "Shake before using."

4. Syrup (Syrupus)

A dense aqueous solution of sugar with or without medicinal or flavoring substances (syrup of ipecac).

5. Mucilage (Mucilago)

An adhesive aqueous liquid or paste made with gum (liquid - acacia; paste - tragacanth).

6. Infusion (Infusum)

A liquid obtained by steeping a vegetable drug in water and then straining. The water may be cold, warm, or hot, but the drug is not subjected to boiling.

7. Decoction (Decoctum)

A liquid made by boiling a vegetable drug with water, then straining.

8. Juice (Succus)

The juice expressed from parts of fresh plants ("fresh" meaning "undried"); an example is limonis succus (lemon-juice). Alcohol may be added as a preservative.