(Boracic Acid.)

Origin. - Found native in Northern Tuscany. It may be prepared by the action of hydrochloric acid on borax, filtration, and recrystallization.

Description and Properties. - Transparent, colorless scales, of a somewhat pearly luster, or, when in perfect crystals, six-sided, triclinic plates, slightly unctuous to the touch, odorless, of a faintly bitterish taste, permanent in the air. Soluble in 25.6 parts of water, 15 parts of alcohol, and 10 parts of glycerin. The addition of hydrochloric acid increases its solubility in water.

Dose. - 5-15 grains (0.32-1.0 Gm.).

Official Preparations

Glyceritum Boroglycerini - Glyceriti Boroglycerini - Glycerite of Borogly-cerin (Glycerite of Glyceryl Borate - Solution of Boroglyceride). - Boric acid, 310; glycerin, to 1000. For external use.

Unguentum Acidi Borici - Unguenti Acidi Borici - Ointment of Boric Acid. - A 10 per cent. ointment made with paraffin and white petrolatum. Similar to the Unguentum Acidi Borici of the British and German Pharmacopoeias.

Liquor Antisepticus - Liquoris Antisepticus - Antiseptic Solution. - A solution of mild aromatics and antiseptics similar to certain commercial preparations. Among other things it contains about 2 per cent. of boric acid, 0.l per cent. each of benzoic acid and thymol, and 25 per cent. of alcohol. Dose. - Average dose: I fluidram (4 Cc), U. S. P.