Potassae Chloratae (Solution of Chlorinated Potassa; Javelle Water). - An effective and popular disinfectant.

Potassii Arsenatis et Bromidi (Liquor Arsenii Bromidi; Clemens' Solution). - This solution contains an amount of Arsenic in combination corresponding to about 1 per cent, of Arsenic Trioxide.

The title "Solution of Bromide of Arsenic " (Liquor Arsenii Bromidi), which is often applied to Clemens' Solution or similar preparation, is a misnomer, since bromide of arsenic cannot exist, as such, in presence of water, but is split up into hydrobromic and arsenous acids. The proportions of the ingredients, in the formula above given, have been adjusted as closely as practicable, so as to yield definite compounds - viz. arsenate and bromide of potassium.

1 Particular care should be taken in prescribing and dispensing this solution, so that it may not be mistaken for the so-called United States Solution of Morphine (Liquor Morphiae Sulphatis, U. S. P. 1870), containing only 1 grain of Sulphate of Morphine in each fluidounce, which is still occasionally used.

Saccharini (Solution of Saccharin). - Each fluidram represents 4 grains of Saccharin.

Intended to be used for sweetening liquids and solids when the use of sugar is objectionable, or when a sweet taste is to be imparted to a liquid without increasing its density.