Origin. - Prepared by the action of citric acid upon a solution of potassium carbonate.

Description and Properties. - Transparent, prismatic crystals, or a white, granular powder, odorless, and having a cooling, sal'ne taste; deliquescent on exposure to the air. Soluble in 0.5 part of water at 25o C. 77o F.), and very soluble in boiling water; feebly soluble in alcohol. Potassium citrate should be kept in well-stoppered bottles.

Dose. - 15-60 grains (1.0-4.0 Gm.) [15 grains (1 Gm.), U. S. P.].

Official Preparations

Potassii Citras Effervescens - Potassii Citratis EffervescentisEffervescent Potassium Citrate. - Potassium citrate, 200; sodium carbonate, 477; tartaric acid, 252; citric acid, 162.

Dose. - 7-45 grains (0.5-3.0 Gm.).

Liquor Potassii Citratis - Liquoris Potassii Citratis - Solution of Potassium Citrate. - An aqueous liquid containing not less than 8 per cent. of anhydrous potassium citrate. To be made freshly when wanted.

Dose. - 1/2-1 ounce (15-30 Cc.) [4 drams (16 Cc), U. S. P.].