Sodii Chloras. Sodium Chlorate. NaC103= 106.25.


From Acid Sodium Tartrate and Potassium Chlorate in solution; by filtration, evaporation and crystallization.

NaHc4h4o6 + Kc1o6. =NaClO3 + Khc4h4o6.


Colorless, transparent crystals (principally regular cubes with tetrahedral facets), or a crystalline powder; odorless, having a cooling, saline taste. Solubility. - In 1.1 parts of water; and in 100 parts of Alcohol.

Dose, 5 to 15 gr.; .30 to 1.00 gm.

Action and Uses of Sodium Chlorate

Sodium chlorate has medicinal properties similar to those of the potassium chlorate, whilst its greater solubility permits the use of stronger solutions. It has recently been recommended in large doses for malignant diseases of the stomach.