Potassa Sulphurata. Sulphurated Potassa. Synonym. - Liver of Sulphur. A mixture consisting for the most part of Potassium Hyposulphite (K2S2O3) and Sulphide (K2S3).


Heat in a crucible a mixture of sublimed Sulphur, 100; and dried Potassium Carbonate, 200. 3K2Co3+4S2=K2S2O3+2K2S3+3Co2.


When freshly prepared it forms irregular pieces of a liver-brown color, which, by exposure to the air, gradually absorb moisture, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide, and change to a greenish-yellow and finally a gray mass, containing Potassium Carbonate, Hyposulphite and Sulphate. The compound has a faint odor of Hydrogen Sulphide, and a bitter, alkaline taste. Solubility. - In 2 parts of water.