Absinthium. - Synonym. - Wormwood. The leaves and tops of Artemisia Absinthium Linne (nat ord. Composite). Jfabitat. - Northern Asia, Europe and Northern Africa; naturalized in North America; cultivated.


Leaves about 5 cm. long, hoary, silky-pubescent, petio-iate, roundish-triangular in outline; pinnately two or three-cleft, with the segments lanceolate, the terminal one spatulate; bracts three-cleft or entire; heads numerous, about 3 mm. long, subglobose, with numerous small, pale yellow florets, all tubular and without pappus; odor aromatic; taste persistently bitter.


The principal constituents are - (1) A volatile oil, about I per cent., mainly Absinthol, C10H16O. (2) A bitter glucoside, Absinthin, C15H20O. (3) Absinthic Acid. The volatile oil mixed with alcohol and oil of anise is known as absinthe, a beverage much esteemed in France.

Dose, 8 to 40 gr.; .50 to 2.40 gm.

Action And Uses Of Wormwood

Wormwood is used in an infusion as an aromatic tonic in atony of stomach or intestines.