(Not official.) - Canella Bark. The bark of Canella alba (nat. ord. Canellaceae) deprived of its corky layer and dried.


South Florida and the Bahamas.


Quills, 8 to 20 cm. long, or flattish pieces. Externally, orange-brown or buff, with sometimes remains of corky layer as silver-gray patches; whitish internally. Agreeable odor, like Cloves and Cinnamon; bitter taste.


The chief constituents are: (1) A volatile oil (I per cent.), consisting of several oils, one of which is identical with Eugenic Acid, obtained from Oil of Cloves. (2) A bitter principle, Canellin. No Tannic Acid is present.

Dose, 15 to 60 gr.; 1. to 4. gm.

Action And Uses Of Canella

Canella is an aromatic bitter stomachic, not often prescribed