Synonyms. - Irish Moss. Carragheen. The entire plant of Chondrus crispus Stackhouse, and Gigartina mamillosa J. Agardh (class Alga).


Atlantic Ocean.


Yellowish or white, horny, translucent; many-times forked; when softened in water, cartilaginous; shape of the segments varying from wedge-shape to linear; at the apex emarginate or two-lobed. It has a slight sea-weed odor, and mucilaginous, somewhat saline taste.


1) Mucilaginous Compounds, 90 per cent. (2) Albuminoids. (3) Chlorides, sulphates and phosphates, with traces of bromides and iodides.

Dose, 2 to 4 dr.; 8. to 15. gm.

Action And Uses Of Irish Moss

Irish Moss is not only a demulcent, but as well, when made into a jelly, is a useful article of diet. It is also used in making preparations of bone marrow.