Fig. - The fleshy receptacle of Ficus Carica Linne (nat. ord. Urticaceae), bearing fruit upon its inner surface.


Western Asia; cultivated in subtropical countries.


Compressed, of irregular shape, fleshy, brownish or yellowish, covered with an efflorescence of sugar; of a sweet, fruily odor, and a very sweet, mucilaginous taste. When softened in water, figs are pear-shaped, with a scar or short stalk at the base, and a small scaly orifice at the apex; hollow internally; the inner surface covered with numerous yellowish, hard achenes.


The chief constituents are - (1) Sugar, 62 per cent.; (2) Gum; (3) Fat and Salts.

Figs are contained in Confectio Sennae.

Dose. - They can be administered freely.

Action And Therapeutics Of Figs

Figs are a pleasant food and mildly purgative, forming a convenient remedy for slight constipation.