(Not official.) - C6H5N(Ch3)Ch3co=148.70. Synonym. - Methyl Acetanilid.


By warming together Monomethylaniline and Acetyl Chloride.


Colorless acicular needles, with a slightly saline taste. Solubility. - In 60 parts of water; freely in Alcohol.

Dose, 1/2 to 3 gr.; .03 to .20 gm.

Action and Uses of Exalgin

Exalgin is a powerful analgesic and has been given with success for neuralgia. Often it relieves when many other drugs have failed. Medicinal doses hardly ever cause depression, but very large quantities may be dangerous from their breaking up the blood like acetanilid. It is best dissolved in Tinctura Aurantii Dulcis, but may be made into a pill. It is used for migraine, sciatica, the pains of rheumatism, and, of late, for chorea.


Several severe cases of poisoning having been reported, the usual dose should not be exceeded. The symptoms are similar to those of acetanilid. Treatment. - As for acetanilid. (See p. 321.)