(Not official.) - Ch3c(S02C2H5)2C2H5=241.56. Synonym. - Diethylsulphonmethylethylmethane. This contains three Ethyl groups instead of two as does Sulphonal.


It is prepared as in Sulphonal, except that Methylethylketone is used in place of Acetone.


Shining, colorless, crystalline plates, tasteless and odorless. Solubility. - In 320 parts of water; readily in Alcohol and Ether. Dose, 5 to 30 gr.; .30 to 2.00 gm.

Action and Therapeutics of Trional

Trional is a prompt hypnotic, without cumulative action, and it has no injurious or unpleasant after-effects. Apparently the patients do not become habituated to its use. It has been used as a hypnotic and sedative for the insane; for narcotic habitues, so far as is known, it is a safe remedy. It is important the daily action of the bowels be secured, an alkaline water be given daily, and weekly intermissions be insisted upon, otherwise it may give rise to disagreeable after-effects. It but rarely gives rise to haematoporphyrinuria.

Tetronal is of similar chemical composition, containing four instead of three ethyl groups, and is used for the same purposes, but in somewhat larger dose.