The rhizome and roots of Menispermum canadense Linne (nat. ord. Menispermaceae).


North America, in moist thickets.


Rhizome several feet long, about 5 mm. thick, brown or yellowish-brown, somewhat knotty, finely wrinkled, longitudinally and beset with numerous thin, rather brittle roots; fracture tough, woody; internally yellowish, the bark rather thick, the wood rays broad, porous, and longest on the lower side; pith distinct; nearly inodorous; taste bitter.


The chief constituents are - (1) Menispine, a white alkaloid, insoluble in Benzol and alkalies. (2) Berberine {see p. 640). (3) Tannic acid. (4) Resin.

Dose, 5 to 30 gr.; .30 to 2.00 gm.


Extractum Menispermi Fluidum. Fluid Extract Of Menispermum

By maceration and percolation with Alcohol and water, and evaporation.

Dose, 5 to 30 m.; .30 to 2.00 c.c.

Action And Uses Of Canadian Moonseed

The action and uses of menispermum are similar to those of sarsaparilla.