B. P., not official. - The oil is distilled from the fresh leaves of Pinus pumilio (nat. ord. Coni/erae). Synonyms. - Pinol. Pumiline.




Almost colorless. Odor aromatic. Taste pungent. Sp. gr., 0.865 to 0.870.


In 7 parts of Alcohol.


1) Various terpenes. (2) Boruyl Acetate.


Vapor Olei Pini. Vapor Of Oil Of Pine

(Not Official) Oil of Pine, 2; rub with Magnesium Carbonate, 1; add Water, 24. Put 1 ff. dr.; 4. c.c. of this in half a pint, 240. c.c. of cold and half a pint, 240. c.c. of boiling water, in a vessel so arranged that air, drawn through the liquid, can be inhaled.

Action And Therapeutics Of Firwood Oil

The action of oil of pine is the same as that of oil of turpentine (see p. 515). But it is pleasanter to inhale, and forms a useful, stimulating, disinfectant, expectorant inhalation in chronic bronchitis or laryngitis.