Synonym. - Lactose. C12H22O11+H2O=359.16. A peculiar, crystalline sugar, obtained from the whey of cow's milk by evaporation, and purified by re-crystallization (Bos Taurus Linne; class Mammalia; order Kuminantia).




White, hard, crystalline masses, yielding a white powder feeling gritty on the tongue, odorless and having a faintly sweet taste. Permanent in the air.


In about 6 parts of water; insoluble in Alcohol, Ether or Chloroform.

Sugar of Milk is used in Pulvis Ipecacuanhae et Opii, and Trituratio Elaterini.

Dose, indefinite.

Uses of Sugar of Milk.

Sugar of milk is used as a vehicle for triturations of substances, because being very hard it thoroughly divides them, and also it is but slightly deliquescent. For these reasons it is used as a diluent to get extracts to the required strength. It is employed to sweeten infants' foods. It is a non-nitrogenous, bland article of diet and has been used in consumption and other wasting diseases. According to See, it is a diuretic which may be employed to advantage in cardiac dropsy.