The leaves and tops of Tanacetum vulgare Linne (nat. ord. Compositae).


Asia and Europe; naturalized in North America; cultivated.


Leaves about 15 cm. long; bipinnatifid, the segments oblong, obtuse, serrate, or incised, smooth, dark green and glandular; flower-heads corymbose, with an imbricated involucre, a convex, naked receptacle, and numerous yellow, tubular florets; odor strongly aromatic; taste pungent and bitter.


1 Tanacetin, C11H16O4, a bitter principle. (2) Volatile oil, 1/4 per cent. (3) Tannic acid.

Dose, 1/4 to 1 dr.; 1. to 4. gm.

Action And Uses Of Tansy

Tansy possesses the properties of an aromatic bitter, and is an irritant narcotic. It has been used as an abortifacient, but is dangerous in large doses, several fatal cases having been recorded.