Theobromine Sodio-Salicylate. (Not official).- C7H7NaN4O2+NaC7H6O3=361.42. Synonym. - Diuretin.


By the interaction of Sodium Theobromine and Sodium Salicylate. It contains 49.7 per cent. of Theobromine. It corresponds to the Caffeine Sodio-Salicylate, the salt of Caffeine most used in Germany.


A white powder, soluble in half its weight of warm water, the solution remaining perfect when cooled.

Dose, 15 to 30 gr.; 1. to 2. gm.

Action And Uses Of Theobromine Sodiosalicylate

This is a pure diuretic acting upon the renal epithelium, without action upon the heart, and it is believed that it does not irritate the kidneys. The daily dose is from one to two drachms; 4. to 8. gm., best administered in solution with aromatic water. It has been administered with benefit in cases of severe cardiac or hepatic dropsy. It is said that it does not produce depression, but it has occasionally given rise to severe symptoms, which may have been due to impurities.