Cerii Oxalas

Cerium Oxalate. Ce2(C2O4)3+9H2O=704.78. Synonym. - Cerous Oxalate.


The powdered mineral is heated with concentrated Sulphuric Acid, ignited, then dissolved in dilute Nitric Acid and treated with Hydrogen Sulphide to remove copper; the calcium salt is held in solution by a little Hydrochloric Acid, and the cerite metals are precipitated as oxalates by Oxalic Acid. It is purified by calcination and solution, reduced to a cerous salt and precipitated by Oxalic Acid.


A white granular powder, without odor or taste. Solubility. - Insoluble in water, Alcohol or Ether.


Aluminum and lanthanum and didymium oxalates.

Dose, 1 to 8 gr.; .06 to .50 gm.

Therapeutics of Cerium Oxalate

It is given empirically for vomiting, especially for that of pregnancy, and occasionally with benefit. No physiological action is known. The dose above given is often exceeded; 30 gr. (2. gm.); have been frequently given with good results.