(Not official.) - CO. Nh2.Oc2h5==88.94. Synonyms. - Ethyl Carbamate. Ethyl Ureihane.


By the interaction of Urea Nitrate and Ethyl Alcohol; and crystallization on cooling.


Colorless, columnar or tabular crystals; colorless, and having a pleasant, saline, somewhat cooling taste. Solubility. - In I part of water; 0.6 part of Alcohol; 1 part of Ether; 3 parts of Glycerin.

Dose, 5 to 30 gr.; .03 to 2.00 gm.

Action and Uses of Urethane

Urethane is used as a hypnotic, and is believed to provide a calm, natural sleep without any disagreeable after-effects. It was formerly more frequently employed.