(Not official.) - A substance containing about 50 per cent. of Cresol.


From tar oil by dissolving in fat and saponifying with Alcohol. Characters. - A brown, oily-looking clear liquid, with a feeble aromatic odor. Solubility. - Soluble in all proportions in water (forming a clear, frothing, saponaceous liquid), in Alcohol, Chloroform and Glycerin.

Action and Uses of Lysol

Lysol is an antiseptic, about one-eighth as poisonous as carbolic acid, and even less poisonous than creolin, used in from one-half to two per cent. aqueous solution. The literature is extensive and generally favorable. Lysol does not affect instruments but may make them difficult to hold, as it is a solution of tar oils in a neutral soap. Izal is a coal tar derivative chiefly used in England, possessing similar properties and used for the same purposes.