4. Zinci Sulphas. Zinc Sulphate

Zinci Sulphas. Zinc Sulphate. ZnSo4+7H2O=286.64. Synonym. - White Vitriol.


Made with Zinc and Sulphuric Acid as the chloride was made from Hydrochloric Acid, and with the same precautions for removing impurities.


Colorless, transparent rhombic crystals, without odor, very like Magnesium Sulphate (see p. 162), but having an astringent, metallic taste. Solubility. - In 0.6 part of water; insoluble in Alcohol.


Lead, iron, copper and arsenic.


Alkalies and other carbonates, lime water, lead acetate, silver nitrate, astringent vegetable infusions or decoctions, and milk.

Dose, 1/2 to 2 gx.; .03 to .12 gm. (tonic): 10 to 30 gr.; .60 to 2.00 gm. (emetic).

5. Zinci Carbonas Praecipitatus. Precipitated Zinc Carbonate

Zinci Carbonas Praecipitatus. Precipitated Zinc Carbonate. 2(ZnCo3)3Zn(OH)2?=546.94?.


Boil together solutions of Zinc Sulphate and Sodium Carbonate. 3ZnSo4+3Na2Co3+2H2O=2(ZnCo3)3Zn(OH)2+2Co2+3Na2So4. Dry the precipitated Zinc Salt.


An impalpable, white powder, of somewhat variable chemical composition, without odor or taste. Similar in constitution to Magnesium Carbonate. Solubility. - Insoluble in water and Alcohol.


Sulphates, chlorides and copper.

Zinc Carbonate is rarely used except to make the Oxide and Acetate.

6. Zinci Oxidum. Zinc Oxide

Zinci Oxidum. Zinc Oxide. ZnO=81.06.


Heat the precipitated Carbonate to redness in a crucible. 2(ZnCo3)3Zn(OH)2,=3ZnO+3H2O+Co2.


An amorphous, white, tasteless, and odorless powder. Solubility. - Insoluble in water and Alcohol.


The carbonate and its impurities. Dose, 1 to 5 gr.; .06 to .30 gm.


1. Unguentum Zinci Oxidi. Ointment Of Zinc Oxide

Unguentum Zinci Oxidi. Ointment Of Zinc Oxide. Zinc Oxide, 200; Benzoinated Lard, 800; melted together.

2. Oleatum Zinci. Oleate Of Zinc

Oleatum Zinci. Oleate Of Zinc. Zinc Oxide, 50; Oleic Acid, 950.

7. Zinci Acetas. Zinc Acetate

Zinci Acetas. Zinc Acetate. Zn(C2H3O2)2,+2H2O=218.74.


Dissolve Zinc Oxide in Acetic Acid and water, and boil. ZnO+2Hc2h3o2=Zn(C2H3O2)2+H2O. Zinc Acetate crystallizes out.


Soft, white, six-sided monoclinic plates, of a pearly lustre, having a faintly acetous odor, and an astringent, metallic taste. Solubility.- In 2.7 parts of water; and in 36 parts of Alcohol.


Those of the precipitated carbonate.


The same as of the sulphate.

Dose, 1/2 to 2 gr.; .03 to .12 gm. (tonic).

8. Zinci Bromidum. See Bromine.

9. Zinci Iodidum. See Iodine.

10. Zinci Valerianas. See Valeriana.

11. Zinci Phosphidum. See Phosphorus.

12. Zinci Sulphocarbolas. See Acidum Carbolicum.