Martin Solon applied Creasote successfully to a venereal bubo, which had resisted leeches, poultices, and Iodine. Dr. Heyfelder removed excrescences from the anus in a fortnight by its means, after the failure of other remedies. Hahn and Fricke found it serviceable in various kinds of Condylomata. (Cormack.) Warts are said by Mr. Rainey § to be removable by Creasote freely applied, and kept in situ for two days by strips of adhesive plaster. It requires subsequently to be applied daily till desquamation ensues. Nvus may be removed, according to Bujalsky,|| by pencilling it twice daily for some weeks with Creasote.

1002. To Burns and Scalds, dilute Creasote has been proposed as a local application by Sir F. Smith.¶ It is said to prevent the contractions of cicatrices.