In Angina Membranacea, in Diphtheritis and Catarrhal Affections of the Throat, the local apphcation of Alum is very serviceable. In chronic cases, when the mucous membrane is much congested, and covered with mucus, which gives rise to a troublesome cough, Alum gargles (gr. lx. - Aq. n. oz. vj.) afford great relief and benefit. In acute cases, Alum, reduced to an impalpable powder, and blown through a quill on the affected part, is stated by M. Perrin || and others to be signally successful. For the proper mode of using this application, see art. Insufflation. part ii.

102. In Croup, Alum Is Commended By Prof

Meigs ¶ as an emetic, in preference to Antimony or Ipecacuanha. He states that it acts more speedily and certainly than these medicines, and produces less prostration of the vital powers. The dose, gr. xxx. - gr. lx., is to be mixed with a teaspoonful or two of water, and repeated every ten or fifteen minutes, until it produces a full emetic effect. It is rarely necessary to repeat it.

103. In Ulceration and Relaxation of the Throat, a solution of Alum in water or decoction of Cinchona (gr. lx. ad Aq. fl oz. xii., sweetened with honey), proves a very useful gargle for ordinary cases. (See Gargles, part ii.)

104. In Ulceration and Sponginess of the Gums, whether Meratrial or Scorbutic, the lotion advised in the last section, with the addition of T. MyrrhAe fl. oz. ss., will prove useful. It should be used several times daily. To Scorbutic Ulcers, very finely-powdered Alum, in substance, may be applied.

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105. Diseases Of The Genito-Urinary Organs

In Gonorrha and Gleet, the injection of a solution of Alum (gr. iv. - v. ad Aq. fl. oz. j.) is often productive of benefit. The diluted Liq. Alum Co. (one part to six or eight of water) is also a good formula. Dr. Friedrich,* of Leipsic, advises its internal use thus:105 Diseases Of The Genito Urinary Organs 9 Alum, 3j., Aq. Dest fj., Ext. Glycyrrh j. M. Dose, a table-spoonful, thrice daily. He advises it in the inflammatory, as well as in the chronic stages. He states that, under its use, all the symptoms subside rapidly, and that he never saw any ill effects from its employment. In obstinate cases, it may be advantageously combined with Cubebs. In Gonorrhoea Prputialis, a solution of Alum (gr. lx. - Aq. fl. oz. i.) applied on lint to the part, is generally effectual.

106. In Leucorrha, Alum Combined With Pil

Aloes Co. proves highly serviceable. It may be given in doses of gr. viij. thrice daily. It also forms, with Sulphate of Zinc (Liq. Aluminis Co.), an excellent vaginal injection. The decoction of oak bark also forms a good vehicle (Alum. gr. lx. ad Decoct. Oj.). Dr. Burne found this solution most serviceable when simply applied continuously to the external parts. Dr. Dewees states that in some obstinate cases, he has effected a cure by Alum (gr. v.) and Nitre (gr. x.) thrice daily. The injection found most serviceable by Dr. Tyler Smith is as follows:106 In Leucorrha Alum Combined With Pil 10 Alum Sulph. ss. Tannin 3i - 3ij. Aq. Oij. One-half to be used at night and the other in the morning.

107. In Menorrhagia and Uterine HAemorrhage, Alum internally has been advised by Lentin, Muller, Hufeland, Dewees, &c, and it often proves effectual in controlling the discharge. Dr. Fergusson § regards it as a highly useful styptic, and advises it in doses of gr. viij. in Syrup of Ginger, three or four times daily. In purely atonic cases, Alum in solution (gr. lx., Decoct. Querc. Cort. Oj.) may be used as a vaginal injection. It is inadmissible, if any inflammatory symptoms are present.

108. In Morbid Growths and Ulcerations of the Uterine Cavity, or of the Os Uteri, an Alum hip bath (lb. j. Alum. ad Aq. C.j.) is strongly advised by Dr Ashwell,|| and its utility is confirmed by the reports of Delmas, Recamier, and others. Care should be taken that the fluid passes well up into the vagina.