Oleum Tiglii. Croton Oil. The Oil expressed in England from the Seeds of Croton Tiglium (which see).

Med. Prop. and Action. Drastic purgative, in doses of gutt. 1/2 - ij. - iij. It may be given in the form of pill with bread crumbs; or, if the patient, from any cause, be unable to swallow, it may be placed at the root of the tongue, its full purgative action being equally attainable in this latter way. The smallness of the dose required, the rapidity of its action, and its powerful purgative effect, render it peculiarly valuable in Apoplexy and other cerebral affections. In some persons it produces, even when given in small doses, severe hypercatharsis, which has occasionally proved fatal. It appears to possess a specific action on the intestinal mucous membrane, as, when injected into a vein, it has caused death, and the whole length of the intestines has been found in a state of inflammation. It is more speedy in its operation than any other cathartic, producing copious watery stools in one or two hours, and sometimes in even a shorter period, after its administration. Alkalies are said to modify the acrimony of the oil, without impairing its cathartic properties, and the addition of a small portion of Opium diminishes the violence of its action. When its action is excessive. a draught of Lime or Lemon-juice affords almost immediate relief. Occasionally, it fails to purge. I have seen some cases In which three and even four drops have produced only one or two scanty stools, but in which fl. oz. j. of Castor Oil, subsequently given, has been followed by copious motions. In very large doses it acts as a powerful irritant poison. Externally applied, it is rubefacient; diluted with four to eight parts of Olive Oil or Soap Liniment, it produces a pustular eruption on the skin. As a counter-irritant, it is superior to Tartar Emetic, on account of the rapidity with which it acts, and in the greater amount of irritation which it occasions. Its external application sometimes produces purging.

Offic. Prep. Linimentum Crotonis (Croton Oil fl. oz. ss.; Olive Oil fl. oz. iiiss.).

Bote of Croton Oil, gutt. 1/2 - gutt ij. - iij. in pill or placed on the tongue; in combination with other purgatives, e1/2 upwards.

It is conira-indicated - 1, in all inflammatory states of the stomach and intestines; 2, in great debility.

1012. Therapeutic Uses

In Cholera, Croton Oil is strongly advised by Dr. M'Gregor.* If no blood can be drawn, he gives the following draught: -1012 Therapeutic Uses 78 Ol. Tiglii gutt. v., T. Hyoscyam. fjj., Opiumf (Hill) gr. v., Aq. fiss. If the spasms remain, and free bilious vomiting does not succeed, he administers these pills: - Opium (Hill) gr. iij., 01. Tiglii gutt. v., M. In case the symptoms continue, the pill is repeated at short intervals, until they subside and free vomiting ensue. The cold, clammy skin will then become warm and moist, and the tongue and the expired air participate in the healthy change. Nine grains of Opium and fifteen drops of Oil, in divided doses, he states, will, in general, produce this effect, but larger ones are sometimes required. Saline and Turpentine enemas were employed at the same time. He adds that every case thus treated recovered. Mr. Thorn also speaks highly of it in the Cholera of India.

* Obs. on the Diseases of Soldiers in the N. W. Provinces of India, Calcutta, 1S43.

Hill Opium is about half as strong as Turkey Opium.

Med. Times, vol. xvi 1847, p. 151.

He regards it as an invaluable remedy, when combined with Opium; and in many cases of vomiting, purging, spasm, &c, the disease was arrested at the outset.