Cubebs. The dried unripe fruit of Cubeba Officinalis. Cubeb Pepper. Nat. Ord. Piperaceae. Linn. Syst. Diandria Trigynia. Source, Java, Nepaul, Batavia, Guinea, and the Isle of France.

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Med. Prop. and Action. Cubebs, in doses of gr. x. - gr.lx., is carminative and stimulant, and improves the tone of the digestive organs. In doses of gr. clxxx. - oz. i. it causes griping and purging, with much febrile action. It occasionally induces headache, a nettle-like eruption, and, in rare instances, partial paralysis. It acts specifically upon the genito-uriuary organs, and increases the quantity of urine, to which it communicates a peculiar aromatic odour. Its operation is not confined to these organs; it being a stimulant ofthemucous surfaces generally. It contains - 1, Cubebin, which appears to be identical with Piperin; 2, a Resin; 3, a volatile oil (Oleum CubebAe), which is a very good form for internal use, in doses of ex.- xv., on sugar, in emulsion,or in capsules. The dose of the Tincture (Ph. L.) (Cubebs lb. j., Proof Spirit Oij ) is ft. drs. iss. - fl. drs. ij., in emulsion, thrice daily.

Oleum CubebAe is now officinal.

Dose of Cubebs, gr. xx. - gr. exx; of the Oil, e v. - exx.

1024. Therapeutic Uses

In Gonorrhoea, Cubebs proves eminently serviceable. Of fifty cases treated by Mr. Broughton,* forty-five were cured by Cubebs, at periods varying from two to twenty-one days; in three, it failed to afford relief. Some constitutions are peculiarly susceptible of its action; and small doses, under such circumstances, produce great constitutional disturbance, and an aggravation of the symptoms. Its action is rendered more certain, by the addition of SodAe Carb. gr. x. to each dose. Alum is stated greatly to increase its efficacy.t thus: - ℞ CubebAe oz. ij., Alum oz. ss., M., divide in pulv. ix., sumat. j. ter in die. The average duration of treatment under this formula was from six to eight days. Cases which resist the use of Copaiba generally yield rapidly under the use of Cubebs, and vice versa. The oil of Cubebs (gutt. x. - xij.) may be substituted for the Pepper, and is best given in conjunction with Copaiba (see that article). Orchitis occasionally occurs under the use of this remedy; but it is doubtful whether this event can be fairly attributed to the medicine.

1025. In Gleet and Leucorrha, Cubebs, given in the manner advised in the last section, is productive of great benefit. Dr. Orr employed it in several cases, and reports favourably of its efficacy.

1026. In A Case Of Vaginitis, Which Had Resisted All Other Remedies For Nine Months, M

Piorry § employed an injection of the infusion of Cubebs (j. - Aq. Oj.), and administered the powder internally. Under this treatment a speedy cure was effected,. In Infantile Enuresis, Dr. Deiters || found Cubebs very effectual. For infants a few grains are sufficient, but older children require half a teaspoonful twice or thrice daily. He likewise found it very effectual in checking nocturnal emissions in Spermatorrhoea.

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1027. In Chronic Inflammation Of The Bladder, Sir B

Brodie * states that he has known the symptoms to be often much alleviated under the use of Cubebs; but it must be given only in small doses (gr. x. - xv. thrice daily). When administered largely, it proves injurious. Given with caution, in small doses, it proves very useful, not only where the chronic inflammation is the primary disease, but where it occurs as a secondary affection, the result of a calculus in the bladder, &c. In Cystirrha, he also found small doses of Cubebs very beneficial.

1028. In Chronic Inflammation Of The Prostate Gland, Sir B

Brodie found much benefit from Cubebs, in doses of gr. xx. thrice daily. It seems to act as a gentle stimulus to the parts.

1029. In Hmorrhoids or Piles, the internal use of Cubebs has been found useful in allaying the severity of the symptoms. It forms an efficacious substitute for Piper Nigrum, and probably acts in the same manner. (See Piper Nigrum.)

1030. In Chronic Bronchitis and other Pulmonary Affections, attended with profuse secretion and much debility of constitution, Cubebs, in small and often-repeated doses, has a very beneficial effect in checking the excessive secretion, and giving a gentle stimulus to the system.