Ammonio-Sulphate of Copper. Ammoniated Copper. (CuO, SO3 + 2 NH3, HO.) Ammonia 27.64, Oxide of Copper 32.52, Sulphuric Acid 32.52, Water 7.32, in 100 parts; or 2 Eq. Ammonia = 34,

+ 1 Ox. of Copper = 40,+1 Sulphuric Acid = 40, + 1 Water = 9 = 123, Eq. Wt.

* On Diseases of the Urinary Organs, p. 111.

Op. cit., p. 149.

Med. Prop. and Action. Tonic, astringent, and antispasmodic. It should always be commenced in small doses, and cautiously increased. It occasionally produces serious effects if given in too large or too long-continued doses. Its action and properties are very similar to those of the Sulphate. For external use, the Liquor (Pharm. Lond.) (3j. ad Aq. Dest. Oj.) is a good formula.

Dote, gr. 1/4 - gr. v.

Incompatible*. The Mineral and Vegetable Acids, Potash, Soda, Lime-water, and the Salts of most Metals.

1034. Therapeutic Uses

In Chorea, the Ammoniated Copper is recommended by Willan,* Ulwins. Ciillen, and others. Dr. Walker§; found it most beneficial when its use was preceded by purgatives and other evacuants. Cullen prescribed it in doses of gr. 1/4 or 1/2, gradually increased to gr. v. and upwards. In Epilepsy, it has also been favourably spoken of. Urban, || who found it productive of benefit, prescribes gr. viij., to be divided into forty-eight pills, of which three are to be taken night and morning, increasing the dose by one pill each second day. In Catalepsy and aggravated Hysteria, its internal use, in small and increasing doses, has been advised, but it is rarely employed at the present day. In the two former affections, this salt is inferior to the Sulphate of Zinc.

1035. In Ague, the Ammonio-Sulphate was formerly esteemed: it is advised by M'Causland,¶ Bianchi,** and others. The latter writer also advises its employment in Chronic Diarrhoea.

1036. In Gonorrhoea And Leucorrha, An Injection Composed Of Exv

of the solution (ut supra), and fl. oz. ij. - fl. oz. iij. of water, is occasionally serviceable; but there are many other injections more safe and equally efficacious.

1037. In Opacity of the Cornea, the Liquor (ut supra) diluted with two or three parts of water, has appeared in some instances to hasten the process of absorption. To indolent and ill-conditioned Ulcers, the undiluted liquor is a good, stimulating application. In Prurigo Genitalium, a solution of the Salt (gr. xv. ad Aq. Dest. fij) is stated by Pereira to have been successfully used as a wash.