Impure Diacetate or Subacetate of Copper. Aerugo. Verdigris. (2 CuO, A + 6 HO.) Oxide of Copper 43.24, Acetic Acid 27.57, Water 29.19, In 100 Parts Med. Prop. and Action. Powerful irritant poison, never given internally.

The powder and the Linimentum Aeruginis (Pharm. Lond.) (Verdigris j.,

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Vinegar f vij., Honey xiv.), are occasionally applied externally when stimulants are indicated. The latter should be applied with a camel's hair brush.

1039. Therapeutic Uses

Indolent and foul Ulcers often improve under the use of the Liniment (ut supra); but there are many other formulae equally efficacious, less liable to decomposition, and more easily prepared.

1040. Venereal Vegetations and Warts scarcely ever withstand the effects of the powder of Savine and the Diacetate of Copper. (S. Cooper.) It is an effectual application in these cases.