Turmeric. The Rhizome of Curcuma Longa. Nat. Ord. Zingiberaceae. Linn. Syst. Monandria Mono-gynia. Source, Ceylon, Bengal, Madras, Burmah, &c.

Med. Prop. and Action. Stimulant and carminative; but it is never given internally, except as a condiment. If taken in large quantities, it is stated to communicate a greenish hue to the stools. Its principal use in pharmacy is as a test for alkalies, which render it reddish or brown.

Offlc. Prep. Tincture of Turmeric (Bruised Turmeric oz. j.; Proof Spirit fl. oz. vj. Macerate seven days and strain.) Used to prepare the following: -

Turmeric Paper (unsized paper steeped in Tincture of Turmeric and dried by exposure to the air).

1059. Therapeutic Uses

In Coryza, inhaling the fumes of burning Turmeric is a common Hindoo remedy. I have seen it tried in numerous instances, and have rarely seen it fail to afford more or less immediate relief. The best mode of application is to place a small piece of burning Turmeric under a small funnel, and to draw the vapour up the nostrils as it passes through the small aperture.

1060. To relieve the burning of the Eye in Ophthalmia, a decoction of Turmeric, applied cold to the eye, on a piece of linen, is often remarkably effectual. I have often used it with advantage.