The Garden Carrot. Nat. Ord. Umbel-liferAe. Linn. Syst. Pentandria Digynia. Cultivated in all parts of the world.

Med. Prop. and Action. The fruit (seed) is diuretic and carminative, but the root is the part most in use as a poultice, which is made of the boiled root, beaten into a smooth consistence with water. If the raw root be used, it will produce violent irritation.

Dose of fruit, gr. xx. - gr. Ix.

1075. Therapeutic Uses

In Cancer of the Uterus, Dr. Dewees states that a strong decoction of Carrots, used as a vaginal injection, has " the happiest effects " as a palliative.

1076. To Malignant Ulcers Of The Tongue,

Mr. Earle § advises the pulp of boiled Carrots to be retained on the ulcer, and frequently changed. At the same time, he advises Henbane internally.

1077. To fetid, ill-conditioned, and phagedenic Ulcerations, the Carrot poultice (ut supra) is an excellent application.

1078. In Flatulent Colic, Atonic Dyspepsia, and Calculous Affections, the seeds were formerly in repute, but are now obsolete.