Digitaline. The bitter, non-nitrogenized, amorphous principle of Foxglove; called, also, Picrin.

Med. Prop. and Action. In doses of 1/60-1/30 of a grain, in pill, or dissolved in Alcohol, it produces all the characteristic effects of Digitalis. It is about 100 times as strong as the dried leaves; applied to the nose, it causes violent sneezing. Drs. Bouchardat and Sandras* found that, in doses of from 1/32 - 1/11 of a grain, it produced diuresis, and a great diminution in the force and frequency of the pulse. Its powerfully sedative effect is not confined to the circulatory system alone, but extends to the nervous system, and to the generative organs particularly; hence its powers as an aphrodisiac, which are considerable. The "Granules" of Homolle and Quevenne, much used on the Continent, are prepared as follows: - Digitaline grs. xvss.; Sugar iss.; Water q. s. Mix well together, and divide into one thousand granules, like comfits. The dose is one, four or six times daily.

Dose, gr. 1/60 - gr. 1/20. It must be prescribed with great caution, and the patient carefully watched.

1085. Therapeutic Uses

In Diseases of the Heart and Pulmonary Affections, Dr. Hervieux successfully employed Digitaline. In doses of from gr. 1/10 to 1/4, it did not cause nausea, purging, or any ill effects. In all the cases the pulse fell in a remarkable manner, the average diminution being from 22 to 36 pulsations in a minute. The action of the medicine began to evidence itself after two or three hours; but attained its maximum only after one, or even two weeks. The urinary secretion was not constantly increased in quantity; but in all cases much vesical tenesmus was present. In Dropsy and Dropsical Affections, especially when connected with Heart disease, Digitaline has been used with satisfactory results by Homolle and Quevenne, Bouchardat,§ Hervieux,|| Christison,¶ and others; but it does not seem to possess any marked superiority over Digitalis itself.

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The following formula is advised by M. Falken: -1085 Therapeutic Uses 84 Digitalin. gr. 3/4, Pulv. ScillAe, Pulv. Scammon. aa grs. lxxv., Mucilag. q. s., M. ft. pil. 100. Of these, two, then four, and lastly six, are to be given daily according to the effect produced.

1086. In Spermatorrha, it proved effectual in the hands of Corvisart,* Charrier and Homolle. Laroche. and others. The dose employed was three of Homolle's granules (ante) daily. Its effects are said to be very marked.

1087. In addition to the above, it has been used in Mania, Epilepsy, Phthisis, Intermittents, &c.; but the results appear to have been nothing remarkable. With regard to its local use in Skin Diseases, as advised by M. Dumont,§ two strong objections exist: 1, the danger of its becoming absorbed into the system; and 2, the great local irritation it causes.