Dutch Liquid. The Chloride of Olefiant Gas of Fownes. The Chloride of Acetyle, or Oil of Olefiant Gas of Turner. Dutch Oil, or the Oil of the Dutch Chemists, of former writers. C2H2C1. Sp. Gr., of the liquid, 1.247; of the vapour, 3.448.

Med. Prop. and Action. A powerful anAesthetic agent, first introduced by Mr. Nunneley,* of Leeds, who states that, in the cases in which he employed it, the results were most satisfactory. Drs. Simpson and Snow regard it as inferior to Chloroform for the purposes of inhalation, as it gives rise to too much irritation. As a local anAesthetic, it is particularly recommended by Dr. Aran. who states that it causes less pain and irritation of the skin than any other remedy of the same class. To obtain local anAesthesia by it, from 15 to 30 drops are applied to the painful part, and the whole covered with a wet compress, and a piece of waxed cloth, or oiled silk. (See AnAesthetics.)

Therapeutic Uses, the same as those of Chloroform (which see).