Emetia. Emetine. (C25H25N09?) A feeble alkaloid. The active principle of Ipecacuanha. It occurs in two forms: 1, Pure, which is perfectly white; and 2, Impure, which occurs in reddish brown, transparent, inodorous scales. The former is about four times as strong as the latter. Three grains of impure, and one grain of pure Emetine, are equal to about gr. xviij. of Ipecacuanha.

Med. Prop. and Action. Emetic and purgative. It exerts a specific action on the lungs and mucous membraue of the intestines, and has also narcotic properties. Stupor and death have resulted from large doses Its operation is stated to be more certain, and more easily regulated, than that of Ipecacuanha. Externally, it may be used in the form of ointment.

Dose, as an emetic and purgative, gr. 1/2; as an alterative, gr. 1/16

Therapeutic Uses, the same as those of Ipecacuanha. Ergota. See Secale Cornutum.