Spirit of Nitrous Ether. Sweet Spirit of Nitre. Spiritus Etheris Nitrici (Ph. Lond. Edin.). The product of the distillation of a mixture of Rectified Spirit and Sulphuric Acid, with Nitrite of Soda. Sp. Gr. 0.843. It consists of Nitrite of Ethyl (Nitrous Ether), C4H5O,NO3, dissolved in Rectified Spirit.

Med. Prop. and Action. Refrigerant, diuretic, and diaphoretic. It is chiefly used as an adjunct to other remedies of the same class. To obtain its diaphoretic and refrigerant effects, it is best combined with Liquor AmmoniAe Acetatis; to obtain its diuretic action, with Squills, &c.

Dose, exxx. - fl. drs. ij.

1121. Therapeutic Uses

In mild Febrile Affections, Catarrhs, Coryza, and Influenza, to relieve nausea and flatulence, and in some forms of Dysuria, the Sweet Spirit of Nitre, in doses of fl.drm.j. - fl. drs. iss. in a cupful of any convenient vehicle, is a popular and efficacious remedy. In Dropsy, it is a valuable adjunct to other diuretics, particularly to the Acetate of Potash, Squills, and Digitalis. Dr. Copland* speaks favourably of it when given uncombined.